Our team is made out of professional and experienced people in the area of the adults, crypto and technology.

We have over 25 people including:

  • Management team – CEO, COO, CFO, CBO and CPO
  • Marketing team – CMO, SMM manager
  • Community team – Community director + 4 Community coordinator to support the community 24/7
  • Development team of 12 people including – CTO, Backend and frontend developers, PMs and UI/UX
  • PR - To make sure we will cover by all we are currently working with 5 PR agencies: Jane Owen - janeowenpr.com - Mainstream https://janeowenpr.com Brian Gross bsgpr.com - Adult http://bsgpr.com The Rub - therubpr.com - Adult https://therubpr.com/ The Rub - therubpr.com - Adult https://therubpr.com/ Marketing Cross - marketacross.com - Blockchai https://marketacross.com Inbound Junction - InboundJunction.com - Blockchain https://InboundJunction.com
  • We are already collaborating with famous models and artists who are featuring their content on our platform.