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Finally, a full solution for the adult industry

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What is Nafty?

NAFTY is THE solution for the Sin industries providing, freedom, anonymity, fast payments, and no fees.

These industries are banned by mainstream companies, our solution will put them back on the map and would empower them to benefit from the revolution in technology and social media – all thanks to the blockchain. Our products are already in use by various websites.

Nafty gives the power back to the Sin industries, content creators, consumers, and to our community that supports them The adult industry needs crypto solutions, more than any other industry- we have the infrastructure, solutions, team, use cases, platforms etc. That’s why in 2022 we are aiming to be at least in the top 50 cryptocurrencies in the world.

NAFTY includes

Payment Solutions API

Adult industry is banned by the big payment solutions, leaving it to shady processors which are charging enormous fees, low approval ratios, chargebacks and delays with the settlements (funds on hold).

With our Payment solution the business and creators would benefit from:

  • No processing fees
  • No charge backs
  • Instant payment

Our solutions include standard payments but also unique payment solutions for the adult industry such as Recurring payment (Fanclub, membership sites) and Pay-per-time (for Cams). For more details, you can visit

We’ve built a simple and secure API that is easy to use by all industry websites and applications.


Metaverse & NFTs

Metaverse empowers us to build our own world where we can make all our fantasies come true - totally anonymously and boundless.

Adult content is banned by the conventional NFT marketplaces, so we built one which is already launched and up-and-coming - NaftyArt.

Our Metavesre will be launched soon and will be the hub for all adult metaverse business. It will include 2 games that will allow our holders to generate earnings.

NaftyArt NaftyAngels

dApp Infrastructure

We provide websites the option for their clients to log in and consume content and services totally anon hooked by wallet only. On top of that, we have a built-in payment solution.

It is our belief that a number of industries would migrate to our solution. We have already launched the following platforms:

In our ecosystem we’ve already developed the first 3 adult-oriented platforms which will use Nafty as their token:

  • - Social network driven by and for the community. In the entire community, both the creators and the fans, are rewarded for content and activities. 8 platforms in one , including Social, Fanclub, Marketing tools, Crypto payment, Rewards system, NFTs, Live cams and eCommerce shop.
  • - NTF marketplace for erotic artwork, where both the creators and the collectors can earn profit from their artwork
  • - Content subscription platform which charges a monthly/yearly fee (Netflix on blockchain) for exclusive content

We Create Value!

Here is what makes us different from the rest

We have the product ready!

Normally there is an initial Token offering and then maybe a product. We built the products first and now we’re offering the token.

Solving real problems

We came up with a solution to improve the $97 billion adult industry by cutting the middlemen, cutting the fees and adding the creators the ability to promote themselves.

Value for Holders

Nafty’s concept generates automatic passive income for its holders. Every transaction on the token has a fee, which gets half redistributed to holders to increase their token holdings and half gets burned to increase the token value.

Timing is everything

In the past years, we’ve seen a revolution in the adult industry with the crypto tokens and the NFT trend (OnlyFans made over $2B in one year and keeps growing). Nafty embodies those opportunities and merges them.

Utility for Holders

Nafty as the currency on our NSFW platforms encourages more transactions. Nafty can be used for tipping, purchasing content and promotion on all our platforms. The more transactions there are, the more rewards we give to the holders.


We have build a powerful team of experts, with years of experience in technology and the adult industry, who are willing to take the step to fundamentally change how it is operating for the benefit of creators, community and consumers. Our team is interactive and transparent with token holders and always ready to support and serve our community.

Nafty Ambassadors

Transparency & Trust

We understand that transparency is the key to any successful project and here's what we've done to protect our holders:

Team fully doxxed
Smart Contract Audited by Solidity Finance
Platforms launched
No team wallet

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